Some Malformed Musings on Money

Money is some weird shit. Here are some thoughts on money… Our fiat currency has no inherent worth; it is – along with our global financial system – an elaborate myth that binds us, keeps us docile, distracts, motivates, and provides a framework by which we compete and collaborate. The closer you get to the money system’s dark alien heart (finance, and to a lesser extent tech, insurance, and legal fields) the more of it you make, but the more you are defined only by the contours and hard angles of the system. Seeking a high-earning profession and letting lifestyle creep and “workism” define your days strikes me as akin to sitting at the scorers table with a manipulative bent. Maybe you grew up loving basketball, and loved the fluidity of the game. But most of all you loved winning. If you end up controlling the scoreboard, anxiously clutching the buttons, meticulously adding a point here, a personal foul thereā€¦ yeah, you win. But you aren’t exactly on the court, experiencing camaraderie and motion and creativity (in short, being a human) are you?