The Righteous Money Mission

This is a blog about ESG Investing, Impact Investing, and ethical consumption. This is a more human take on money and personal finance.


Righteous Money seeks to explore how investment products impact the world around us, and how our investment, savings, and consumption decisions can materially shape corporate governance and our market economy’s impact on labor conditions and the environment. We explore ESG investing channels in depth and provide practical advice for more environmentally and socially responsible investing while seeking attractive risk-adjusted returns.


Righteous Money seeks to provide tools for navigating our crowded, confusing, and often mean universe of information and products. We provide a framework for financial health and independence that considers the moral, social, and environmental implications of our investing and consumption.


We don’t stop at discussing ESG & Impact Investing. While we seek to affect positive change through education and dialog, we also strive for net positive social impact through our own operations and practices. For more, please see our About Page.

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